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How to Make The Request

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How to Make The Request Empty How to Make The Request

Post by Kimeru Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:12 pm

If there's any projects you wish our group to work on, just make a new topic in this forum!

Please provide the title of the series as the topic title. Include a summary or an idea of what the story is about. Please provide the mangaupdate link of the series (If none, provide the mangaka/manhwaga's name, number of volumes or chapters out, whether it's ongoing or complete.) Also, if possible include a link to where we can get the raws or provide the raws if you have them.

Note: We would never work on something that other group's been working on, unless the other group has stated that they've dropped it. We won't work on projects that already have an official English releases, either.

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