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Rules you must follow

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Rules you must follow Empty Rules you must follow

Post by Kimeru Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:46 pm

Hello and thanks for dropping by!

As much as we love peace and have a lot of fun, there are still rules you'll have to follow. They're very simple and easy to follow, so don't fret.

1. No spamming nor Advertising - advertising/selling products aren't allowed. We're not an online shop and we don't sell here.

2. No Posting 18+ contents or links that redirects to a different site/forum
- keep it PG-13 please. Even though most of us is 18+, this is a sacred place so don't ruin it.

3. No Harassing staff, mods and admins - this gives you an auto ban.

4. No Trolling - menial, minor, trolling is fine... but excessive trolling is not.

5. No Disrespecting other members - Flaming and Flame-bait aren't allowed, let's all have a good and friendly relationship here.

6. No Linking other groups - We have our own projects... we don't need other group's here.

7. No Circumventing bans by creating new accounts and proxies
- If you do this, you'll be banned forever not just in our forum.

8. NEVER ASK FOR WHEN THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE OUT. - As much as we'd like to release as fast as everybody hopes, everyone has their own lives to deal with... just be patient.

9. Do not request for mods, admin or staff position - If you want to be part of our staff, apply!

Just take note of these rules and you'll have a blast with everyone!

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