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A short synopsis for a spur of the moment thought

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A short synopsis for a spur of the moment thought

Post by Kris on Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:31 am

Kimeru made me do this :c

"Hal was hoping for a relaxing vacation to get closer with his wife (and perhaps rekindle the love they once had), away from the troubles of family and work. But before they can even arrive at their hotel in [some nice place in East Asia] their plane strays from its course and goes down in the mountains of northern China. Hal and his wife awake to spears being pointed at them by ancient Chinese warriors, and they realize they somehow been transported into medieval China. Hal and his wife will get far closer than he bargained for as he tries to return them from the Yuan Dynasty to the comfort of Eastern Standard Time. This summer... Rob Schneider is... Stranded in Eastern Time"

kris [8:38 PM]
I could do it. But I have to look over my test and see if there's anything I can change first. What timezone is CNS, @kimeru?

mattimias [8:39 PM]

kris [8:39 PM]
America so important it's its own timezone.

kimeru [8:42 PM]
Eastern strandard time

mattimias [8:43 PM]
stranded or standard?

kris [8:44 PM]
Stranded in Eastern time.

mattimias [8:44 PM]
ah, with a little more polish that could be the title of an amazing novel
you have something of a way with words, kris 
a play of words on EST and Eastern/Oriental civilisation

kris [8:45 PM]
Hah, perhaps every once in an occasionally.

mattimias [8:45 PM]
maybe an expatriate or an immigrant from America in an eastern country

kris [8:46 PM]
I like it.

Kind of seems like the title of a YA SciFi novel.

mattimias [8:47 PM]
I think minimal sci fi would be the way to go

kris [8:47 PM]
Er, yeah.
Hold on, I'm thinking of a blurb.

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Re: A short synopsis for a spur of the moment thought

Post by Kimeru on Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:36 pm

When will you update this?! I'm dying to know the rest of the story!!

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